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Product Features

PMI/PMBOK Standards

CassiniPLM is entirely built on the foundation of PMI Standards and the Principles laid down in PMBOK .

Projects, Programs & Portfolios

Manage and execute all your projects, programs and portfolios in one secure, central place in the cloud.

Bid & Tender Management

Streamline your bidding and tending process and manage it with standard templates and spreadsheets.

Requirements Management

Define and manage all project requirements and track their deliverables across all project phases.

Budgeting & Cost Control

CassiniPLM provides comprehensive budgeting & cost control features to plan and monitor all project costs.

Work Breakdown Structure

Break down your project into smaller units and track their schedule and costs throughout the project's lifecycle.

Organization Breakdown Structure

Define organizational framework for mangaging roles & responsibilities.

Resource Breakdown Structure

Manage all project resources that costs money like personnel, materials, machines, tools and equipment.

Cost Breakdown Structure

Cost Breakdown Structure goes right down to costs of different types such as materials, manpower, day rates, etc.

Task Management

Schedule and track daily tasks and their progress, allocate resources and report issues identified during execution.

Drawings & Documents Management

Securely manage all your CAD drawings and project documents in one place.

Change Management

Streamline your change management process and evaluate impact of changes throughout the project.

Quality Management & Inspections

Define project quality plans, document & report issues and manage inspections.

Risk Management

Define all project risks and contingency plans and corrective actions and minimize impact on budgets and schedules.

Material Management

Track project material inventory, receipts, issues and all other movements during the project execution.

Procurement Management

CassiniPLM provides comprehensive contracts management and supplier management features.

Communication & Collaboration

Collaborate and communicate with all the stakeholders in the project and improve improve productivity

Analytics & Reporting

Gain deep product insights with detailed reports and dashboards customized for all stakeholders based on their roles.

Benefits of CassiniPLM

Eliminate Schedule Delays

Track project progress and eliminate delays in schedules and deliver them on time.

Minimize Cost Overruns

Minimize cost overruns by tracking actual costs versus the planned costs for all tasks and resources.

Optimize Resources

Get the most out of your project resources by optimizing their utilization and productivity.

Enhanced Collaboration

Improve communication and collaboration between all internal and external project stakeholders.

Minimize Risks

Plan for all project risks and have corrective and preventive actions in place to reduce their impact.

Automate Workflows

Automate all process flows and approvals and eliminate and delays and human errors.

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