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Product Features

Innovation Management

Engage your teams and your customers to capture innovative product ideas and streamline concepts and proposals.

Requirements Management

Define and manage all product requirements and track their progress through various development phases.

Product Data Management

Manage all product data like design files, classification data, relationships, lifecycle phases, revisions and versions.

CAD Integrations

Access and upload CAD data directly from the authoring tools with seamless integration with MCAD and ECAD tools.

BOM Management

Create and manage product structures and bills-of-material and redline them as they evolve through various revisions.

Project Management

Manage your internal and customer projects with the built-in project management module in CassiniPLM.

Change Management

Manage your engineering and manufacturing changes with our workflow driven change management.

Process Planning

Manufacturing teams can create process plans by combining product data, bill-of-material and requirements.

Manufacturing Operations Management

Automate your manufacturing operations and monitor them in real-time.

Supplier/Vendor Management

Manage your AVL and AML and track lifecycle of the manufacturer parts and ther references in your BOMs.

Quality Management

Streamline your product quality processes and resolve issues with our integrated quality management system.

Service Management

During the operational phase of your product streamline the service management and maintenance schedules.

Workflow Management

Automate your process with customized workflows that can enforce your best practices and provide traceability.

Document Management

Securely manage and share product and process documents with your teams and external partners and vendors.

Enterprise Integrations

Easily integerate product data with other enterprise systems like ERP and CRM with our integration framework & API.

Visual Collaboration

View, share and markup 2D and 3D CAD documents without the need for the authoring tools and licenses.

Granular Access Control

Define various object rights and permission rules to control access to critical, sensitive product data.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain deep product insights with detailed reports and dashboards customized for all stakeholders based on their roles.

Benefits of CassiniPLM

Single Source of Truth

Entire product data and it's genealogy is available in a unified database that provides a holistic view of your product data.

Improved Product Quality

Eliminate costly errors by enforcing streamlined quality processes across your engineering and manufacturing organizations.

Cross Functional Collaboration

Share critical product and process information with stakeholders across various functional domains.

On Time & Within Budget

With CassiniPLM your organization can reduce product launch delays, eliminate costly product iterations and minimize cost overruns.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Maximizes customer satisfaction by engaging your customers in your product development process.

Actionable Intelligence

CassiniPLM provides a lot of actionable intelligence to your product teams throughout its development lifecycle.

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