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Simplify Product and Project Lifecycle Management

Cassini helps companies build innovative, quality products and finish long, complex projects on time and within budget.

CassiniPLM is a Unified Cloud PLM Platform which manages entire product lifecycle from concept to end-of-life and project lifecycle from initiation to closing by synergizing product and project information with their processes and providing actionable intelligence to your product and project teams.

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Access, manage and share your product and project information from anywhere and on any device.

Modern Architecture

Future proofed with latest and modern technology stack so that your investment is never obsolete.

Enhanced UX

Modern, task-oriented, intuitive user interface to get things done quickly and navigate around the system.

Lower Costs

Our subscription model keeps the operating costs low and reduces the total cost of ownership.


Product Lifecycle Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of manufactured products by integrating people, data, processes and business systems.

1. Define
2. Develop
3. Build
4. Operate
5. End of Life
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Project Lifecycle Management

Effectively manage all your projects, small or large, eliminate delays, reduce cost overruns, enhance collaboration, improve team productivity and track project tasks and schedules, plan for risks, and track issues and improve quality.

1. Initiation
2. Planning
3. Execution
4. Monitoring & Control
5. Closing
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Why CassiniPLM

Unified Platform

Cassini Platform provides the most comprehensive set of features that enahces data security, scalability and extensibility.

Connected Processes

Your teams will never work in isolation as Cassini brings together all the processes and streamlines them on a single platform.

Centralized Data

All of your product and project information is available in a central and secure location which eliminates data silos.

Enhanced Collaboration

With built-in communication and networking features, Cassini enhances collaboration between your teams and suppliers.

Automated Workflows

Cassini provides a robust workflow engine and a workflow modeler to define the steps and automate them throughout the enterprise.

Improved Productivity

Never be late on your product deliveries and project deadlines with our solutions that improve your teams' productivity.

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